Running Pre-Built Binaries on Non-FHS *NIX Systems

Executing pre-built binaries on a new system can be a troublesome task to perform. Several exceptions can occur causing the execution to fail. We’ll be looking at one of such that can occur on Linux systems quite often, which is: The file '<executable_file_name>' does not exist or could not be executed. This exception occurs when it is unable to find one of the ELF libraries required to execute the binary. [Read More]

Getting Started With Nix: Introduction

Recently, I installed NixOS on one of my machines to explore the Nix ecosystem, and to learn how it makes the process of creating deterministic and reproducible builds efficient and simpler. This blog post series provides an introduction to the Nix package manager and how it works. What is Nix? Nix is a powerful, purely functional package manager designed to be a reliable and reproducible package-management system. Nix is also the primary package manager for NixOS and can also be installed as an additional package manager on Linux and Mac OS X. [Read More]